The Piscopia Society

Get involved by joining our online information event on Wednesday 30/09. Sign up through eventbrite

The Piscopia Initiative is expanding! While our initiative was originally focused on helping students at Scottish Universities, we want to build an UK-wide Piscopia Society in the upcoming academic year, where local committees offer support and PhD information events to female and non-binary students at their university.

Of course, we will need help for this.

The more help we get, the more students we can reach. We’re looking for:

  • Local committee chairs, i.e., PhD students to help us host PhD information events at their universities. 
  • Student members to join our community and to help us get the word out about us at their university.

By becoming part of the Piscopia Society, you become part of our community and support network. For our student members we offer a buddy-scheme to receive encouragement from their peers during their journey to decide if doing a PhD is the right choice for them. PhD students who join us as local committee chairs will receive training and help with organising an information event at their university.

Please join our online information session on Wednesday 30 September (grab a ticket through eventbrite) or get in touch at or if this is something you are interested in. 

Sign up here to join our society:

If you’re not sure just yet if you want to join, you can also use the link above to sign up for our mailing list.

Welcome to the Society!