Meet our local Committees

Our UK-wide Piscopia Society aims to provide women and non-binary mathematics* students with

  • A platform to ask and receive information on doing a PhD.
  • A UK-wide community of women & non-binary students and mathematics researchers.

*Students from other STEM disciplines are very welcome to attend our events!

The Piscopia Society currently has nodes at 15 UK universities. The local committees at these universities consist of both Piscopia representatives (current PhD students) and outreach managers (active student members). The local committees organise PhD information events at their university, where you can ask any questions you may have about doing or applying for a PhD. You can find links for them below!

Is your university not listed? Don’t worry we are still here for you! – post a question anonymously on our gradcafe forum, email us directly for questions or support, or participate in one of our UK-wide events. Also consider joining our society and become part of our community and support network. This is free of course. If you’re not sure just yet if you want to join, you can also use the same link to sign up for our mailing list.

Sign up here to join our society and/or our mailing list:

Meet our committees:

Is your university missing a committee and are you interested in starting one? We’d love to hear from you! Get in touch at tiffany.vlaar_at_ or if this is something you’re interested in. Both students and PhD students are very welcome! Students who join us as local committee members will receive training and help with organising a Piscopia event at their university.

Welcome to the Society!