University of Warwick Committee

Welcome to the committee page of the University of Warwick. PhD students Abi and Emily are joining the committee this year 🙂

Hi! I’m Abi, (she/her, they/them) a 2nd year PhD student in the MATHSYS CDT at Warwick. I’m studying the spread of disease in bees, but my undergrad degree focused on fluid dynamics. My hobbies include making clothes and playing Dungeons and Dragons. 

Mingqi Zhao, an MMaths students at Warwick, was Piscopia outreach manager in 2020-2021. Together with the University of Warwick Mathematics department she organized a Warwick Women in Maths event, aimed at celebrating the achievements of women and non-binary mathematicians and giving students an idea what research in maths looks like, where a career in maths can take you, and insights into the personal experiences of a diverse range of mathematicians.