PiWORKS Seminar

Our monthly seminar series features women and non-binary researchers from UK universities working in diverse research areas in mathematics and related disciplines. The aim of PiWORKS (Piscopia Initiative – Women and Other Researchers Keynote Series) is threefold; we want to

  1. Showcase the work of women and non-binary researchers.
  2. Provide a taste of different areas of mathematics research to undergraduate and MSc students.
  3. Build an UK-wide community of women and non-binary researchers and students.

The target audience for the talks are final year undergraduate and MSc students, but PhD students or academic staff are very welcome to attend.

Upcoming Speakers (time in GMT)

25 January 2022, 1-2pm, Professor Mihaela van der Schaar,  Professor of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Medicine at the University of Cambridge, a Fellow at The Alan Turing Institute, and a Chancellor’s Professor at UCLA. 

Title: Machine learning in healthcare: from interpretability to a new human-machine partnership

Registration: https://piworks_january2022.eventbrite.com -Registration will close 22:00 (GMT) on Monday 24 January.

Abstract: The transformative potential of machine learning could revolutionise areas such as healthcare. However, this opportunity comes with its own unique challenges. Prominent among these is the challenge of interpretability: taking the workings of complex “black box” machine learning models and making them readily understandable to a multitude of users. The value of interpretability as a broad concept is clear. Yet there is no single “type” of interpretability, since there are many potential ways to extract and present information from the output of a model, and many types of information to choose to extract. This high-level talk proposes a unique and coherent framework for categorizing and developing interpretable machine learning models based on the needs of their users. We will demonstrate this framework using a range of examples from our lab’s extensive research into interpretability, and our ongoing interdisciplinary discussions with members of the clinical and other non-ML communities. We will also touch on some very exciting possibilities to apply interpretability and machine learning in order to understand and empower how humans make decisions. This talk has been created for a broad audience, including those with little or no prior understanding of machine learning.

22 February 2022, TBD.

29 March 2022, Dr Maria Bruna, Royal Society University Research Fellow, Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge.

Past Speakers

In November 2021, Dr Claudia Neves, Lecturer in Statistics in the Department of Mathematics at King’s College London gave a talk on “Extreme value statistics born out of domains of attraction“.

In October 2021 Dr Lisa Maria Kreusser, Lecturer at the Department of Mathematical Sciences and a fellow at the Institute for Mathematical Innovation at the University of Bath gave a talk on “Mathematical modelling in biology and data science“. See her slides below:

We started off the new academic year with a wonderful talk by Dr Sophie Huczynska, a senior Lecturer in Pure Mathematics at the University of St Andrews, on “Combinatorics in Information Security“. See her slides below:

In our last talk of the academic year 2020-2021 Dr Olga Maleva, Reader in Pure Mathematics at the University of Birmingham, gave a talk on “Lipschitz functions: from Newton’s apple to fractals“.

Dr Heather Battey, lecturer in Statistics at Imperial College London, spoke in May 2021 about statistical theory and its role in scientific inference.

Our PiWORKS speaker for April 2021 was Dr Angela Tabiri, who obtained her PhD at the University of Glasgow and is currently an AIMS-Google AI postdoctoral fellow at AIMS Ghana. She is also lead of Femafricmaths, which is a wonderful initiative about which you can find out more here: https://femafricmaths.github.io or by following their Twitter account: https://twitter.com/femafricmaths
Dr Tabiri spoke about her journey from Accra, to Glasgow and back to Accra and how the skills she acquired during her PhD studies in Glasgow became useful in her current role as a postdoc at AIMS Ghana.

In March 2021 Dr Laura Ciobanu from Heriot-Watt University spoke about her research in algebra and combinatorics and her academic journey.

In February 2021 Dr Martine Barons, director of the Applied Statistics and Risk Unit in the Statistics department of the University of Warwick, gave a talk on “Probability models for food security”.

Our PiWORKS speaker for January 2021 was Professor Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb, head of the Cambridge Image Analysis group at the University of Cambridge on “From differential equations to deep learning for image processing”.

In November 2020 we enjoyed a wonderful talk by Professor Karen Page, a Professor of Mathematical Biology at UCL, on “Mathematics applied to Embryo Development”.

Our PiWORKS speaker for October, was Professor Maggie Chen from Cardiff University on Financial Mathematics and the journey that led her to where she is today. This event was jointly hosted with Cardiff’s Women In Math Society (find them on twitter @WiMCardiff) and was chaired by their lead, PhD student Tasarla Deadman, who has also founded the Cardiff node of the Piscopia Society.