University of Birmingham Committee

Rosie Evans, Amarja Kathapurkar, Cara Neal, Yunxi Shi, and Anna Zincenko are our Piscopia representatives at the University of Birmingham. They co-founded the Birmingham node of our society.

Their first event, an online tea time chat with current women PhD students at the University of Birmingham, took place on 14 June.
This Fall they are running a regular coffee morning for students at Birmingham. Get in touch with one of the committee members if you’re interested!

Rosie Evans (she/her) is from Shrewsbury in the UK and has just started her PhD in Applied Maths at the University of Birmingham. Her research is in endocrinology and mathematical modelling, in particular studying parameter identifiability. Before coming to Birmingham, she studied for her BSc at the University of Exeter. In her spare time, she likes to go running and walking up big hills, which Exeter and Birmingham both have plenty of! 

Amarja Kathapurkar (she/her) is a PhD student in Pure Maths at the University of Birmingham. Her research focuses mainly on extremal combinatorics and graph theory. Outside of maths, she also enjoys travelling to new places, walks in the countryside and playing badminton (ideally, all three at once!)

Cara Neal (she/her) is a 4th year PhD student at the University of Birmingham. Her research concerns applying numerical techniques to simulate sperm cells, particularly modelling the internal structure of the flagellum as well as the surrounding non-Newtonian fluid. In her free time, she enjoys cooking and playing video games.

Yunxi Shi (she/her) is a first year PhD student in Pure Mathematics at the University of Birmingham with interests in abstract algebra, especially axial algebras and group theory. She has a variety of hobbies including digital drawing, dancing and crafting. Email address:

Anna Zincenko’s (she/her) main areas of research are mathematical modelling and population dynamics. She has a MSc in Social Statistics from the University of Southampton and a DPhil in Mathematics from the University of Leicester. Her doctoral thesis focused on mathematical modelling of nonlinear complex dynamics described by systems of coupled ODEs and PDEs, nonlinear reaction-diffusion equations. Anna’s research is focused on simulation of  electrohydrodynamic equations.