University of Bath Committee

Meet our committee at the University of Bath! Lydia, Shaunagh and Hettie co-founded this committee together. Lydia and Shaunagh act as our local Piscopia representatives and Hettie takes up the role of outreach manager for her peers at the University of Bath.

Their first PhD information event took place on 25 November 2020 (more information can be found on the eventbrite page)

Lydia Buckingham (she/her) is doing a PhD at the University of Bath in the mathematical modelling of infectious diseases. Her research investigates how diseases and the organisms which catch them have evolved in response to each other. She did an MMath at Merton College, Oxford. In her free time, she enjoys playing the piano and looking after her small flock of sheep!

Shaunagh Downing (she/her) is from Ireland and is doing a PhD at the University of Bath in Applied Numerical Analysis. Her research is on bilevel optimisation applied to seismic imaging. She did her BSc at the University of Limerick in Mathematics and Physics and her MSc at the University of Bath in Modern Applications of Mathematics.