University of Reading Committee

Ieva Daužickaitė, Swinda Falkena, Jennifer Israelsson, and Melanie Kobras are our Piscopia representatives at the University of Reading. They co-founded the Reading node of our society.

Their first PhD information event for students at the University of Reading is taking place on the 19th of November from 1-2pm. You can sign up via eventbrite:

Ieva (she/her): I am a final year PhD student in the Mathematics of Planet Earth Centre for Doctoral Training  at the University of Reading. My research is in numerical linear algebra for data assimilation: the aim is to speed up the solution of huge linear systems that arise when estimating the current state of the atmosphere (initial conditions) for numerical weather prediction. I had no female maths lecturers during my undergraduate degree in Lithuania, so at first it was hard to see myself doing a Phd (not anymore!). In my spare time I do scuba diving to learn about the underwater world, try to keep a few too many plants alive, and explore different places and cultures with my friends. Email:

Jennifer (she/her): I am a final year PhD student working in the intersection of Statistics and Meteorology. By applying spatial statistics and Extreme Value theory on incomplete and sparse data, I am to describe the spatial and temporal rainfall behaviour over western Africa. My undergrad was a very broad Mathematics degree, so understanding the Meteorology theory has been a steep but interesting journey. I was certain that I would not do a PhD until I sent in my application during my final year, mainly because I had never met anyone like me within the academic world and no one had told be that it would suit me. My main hobbies are working as a fitness instructor at my local gym and cooking with a nice glass of red in my hand.

Melanie (she/her): I am a second year PhD student applying my mathematical skills to a meteorology problem. The aim of my research is to find a suitable model that can describe the variability of atmospheric storm tracks associated with jet streams. After my very theoretical undergrad I did a Master in Biomaths (both in Germany) and had the chance to work on a research project in Norway. My time there encouraged me to apply for a PhD, before that I haven’t even thought about it. In my free time I love to play Rugby, go for a run and enjoy the outdoors. I’m also very passionate about travelling to new places or visiting my friends abroad. Email: