Past Events

29/06/2021, PiWORKS seminar talk by Dr. Olga Maleva (University of Birmingham).
14/06/2021, Online tea time chat with current women PhD students at the University of Birmingham by the Birmingham Piscopia committee.
25/05/2021, PiWORKS seminar talk by Dr. Heather Battey (Imperial College London).
27/04/2021, PiWORKS seminar talk by Dr. Angela Tabiri (AIMS-Google AI postdoctoral fellow at AIMS Ghana and lead of Femafricmaths).
16/04/2021 Event on careers after your mathematics degree by the St Andrews Piscopia committee.
30/03/2021, PiWORKS seminar talk by Dr. Laura Ciobanu (Heriot-Watt University).
11/03/2021 “How to survive your dissertation” event by the Edinburgh Piscopia committee.
10/03/2021, Warwick Women in Maths event, jointly organised by the Warwick Piscopia committee and the University of Warwick Mathematics department, aimed at celebrating the achievements of women and non-binary mathematicians and giving students an idea what research in maths looks like, where a career in maths can take you, and insights into the personal experiences of a diverse range of mathematicians.
03/03/2021, talk by the two co-leads of the Piscopia Initiative in an ICMS meeting on “Progression from taught to research degrees in the mathematical sciences“.
24/02/2021, Online Piscopia Society social.
23/02/2021, PiWORKS seminar talk by Dr. Martine Barons (University of Warwick).
27/01/2021, PhD information event by the Heriot-Watt Piscopia committee.

26/01/2021, PiWORKS seminar talk by Professor Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb (University of Cambridge).
15/12/2020, “How to write a dissertation” event by the UCL Piscopia Commitee.
27/11/2020, PiDOORS afternoon of talks by women who have a PhD in Mathematics, who are currently working in industry.

24/11/2020, PiWORKS seminar talk by Professor Karen Page from UCL
25/11/2020, Event by the Bath Piscopia committee
25/11/2020, Virtual coffee break by Strathclyde committee
25/11/2020, PhD Information Event for St Andrews students by the St Andrews committee
19/11/2020, PhD information event by University of Reading committee
04/11/2020 – Info session for students at the University of Manchester by Manchester committee
28/10/2020 – “How to study remotely” and PhD information event hosted by the UCL committee

27/10/2020 – First PiWORKS seminar series talk by Professor Maggie Chen at Cardiff University. Jointly hosted with the Women in Mathematics Society at Cardiff.
21/10/2020 – PhD information event by the Heriot-Watt Piscopia committee

30/09/2020 – Get Involved with the Piscopia Society – Help us host events at your university!
07/09/2020 – 11/09/2020: Online PiFORUM Conference

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