UCL Committee

Saga Anderholm Hansson, Chantelle Cornett, Kareena Mirwani, and Ilina Yozova are Piscopia outreach managers and co-founders of the Piscopia committee at University College London (UCL).

They are hosting their first “How to Study Remotely” and PhD Information event on Wednesday, 28 October from 12-1pm. Sign up via eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/how-to-study-remotely-and-phd-information-event-tickets-125545587231

Saga: I’m in my second year of study on an MSci Mathematics and Physics at UCL. My interests lie in numerical simulations.

Chantelle: Hi, I’m a third year Statistics BSc student with a passion for Data Science and its uses in medical research! My goal is to become an established industry researcher in the field of medical statistics/epidemiology. I hope that by being a committee member of the Piscopia Initiative I can encourage more female/non-binary students to apply for a research degree in the field of Mathematics and its related disciplines after their studies.

Kareena: Hey! I am a 2nd year Maths and Physics student from Malaga, Spain. My hobbies include dancing, painting and reading. I’m glad to be a part of this society that empowers women to pursue their dream in this field. PS: Hmu if you are a fan of “The office” US too! 

Ilina: I study Statistics at UCL. I am going into my third (final) year, and I am interested in Medical Statistics.