UCL Committee

Saga Anderholm Hansson, Chantelle Cornett, Kareena Mirwani, and Ilina Yozova are Piscopia outreach managers and co-founders of the Piscopia committee at University College London (UCL). PhD student Abi Smith is a local Piscopia representative.

They hosted their first “How to Study Remotely” and PhD Information event on Wednesday, 28 October.

They have another PhD information event coming up on Tuesday, 15 December, 11am, including info on “How to write a dissertation”. You can sign up via eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/how-to-write-your-dissertation-phd-information-event-tickets-131787320423

Saga (they/them): I’m in my second year of study on an MSci Mathematics and Physics at UCL. My interests lie in numerical simulations.

Chantelle (she/her): Hi, I’m a third year Statistics BSc student with a passion for Data Science and its uses in medical research! My goal is to become an established industry researcher in the field of medical statistics/epidemiology. I hope that by being a committee member of the Piscopia Initiative I can encourage more female/non-binary students to apply for a research degree in the field of Mathematics and its related disciplines after their studies.

Kareena (she/her): Hey! I am a 2nd year Maths and Physics student from Malaga, Spain. My hobbies include dancing, painting and reading. I’m glad to be a part of this society that empowers women to pursue their dream in this field. PS: Hmu if you are a fan of “The office” US too! 

Ilina (she/her): I study Statistics at UCL. I am going into my third (final) year, and I am interested in Medical Statistics.

Abi (she/her): I’m a first year PhD student in mathematics, my research uses modelling and machine learning to simulate vital signs in critically-ill patients.

Email address: abigail.smith.20 _at_ ucl.ac.uk