Lunch at University of Glasgow

Thank you for a great lunch, Glasgow! Jonna and Bella not only brought a lot pizza, but their own PhD stories to share with 15 female students who were eager to hear more about what life is like as a PhD in maths. We started off with our own experiences as female researches and then discussed the pros and cons of a PhD versus a career in industry to give the participants some guidance in their individual decisions. We also gave our Top 10 Tips on how to survive a Bsc/MSc dissertation – you can check them out here!

We then moved on to the most important part of the event: question time! Together with Dr. Claire Gilson from the University of Glasgow we answered many interesting, and sometimes challenging, questions the students had about applications, research, and life as a PhD. It was extremely valuable to hear about their perspectives and we hope that we were able to give some insight with this lunch event. We can’t wait to see you at the big Meet-Up for the Student Conference and Application Boot Camp in September in Edinburgh (details on how to apply to follow on our website)!